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All Roads Lead to the Lotus 

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Our Purpose

Growing Boundlessly is a holistic wellness collective dedicated to providing a variety of wellness services to individuals, couples, and families. We promote healing, cultural awareness, and spiritual exploration specifically for Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Color.


Our goal is to help you cultivate and grow into a BOUNDLESS life by providing support as you journey through healing with therapeutic practices, self-care management, and wellness offerings.

"And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”   -Anais Nin

Are you ready to take the Risk to heal?

What does it mean to grow boundlessly ?

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to "grow boundlessly" means to grow without limitations.... to confidently face the heal with reckless abandonment.

What We Offer





Message From Our Founder


Becoming a therapist was a happenstance experience for me. I wanted to be a nurse or a doctor and thought that this was the only way to heal people. Through my own  experience in therapy, I decided that I wanted to gift the opportunity to others to find their voice, heal their hearts, and grow boundlessly.

Black and Indigenous People of Color have been marginalized, traumatized, and prevented from receiving adequate mental wellness services. Growing Boundlessly’s goal is for representation of healers of color to be the foundation of our practice. We want to make healing a safe space for all those who cross paths with us.

We will turn no one who needs our help away from receiving services but our mission is to continue to break the stigma of mental health care in the black community. We hope that you see the passion that exudes from us in every contact, conversation, and session.

Be Boundless,

Amari D. Jackson, MA, LCPC, LMHC
Founder & CEO 

In Loving Memory of........

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We dedicate the work we do at Growing Boundlessly to the late Dr. Yvonne Patterson who gave me my voice and started my journey to healing. We hope that through our work at this practice your legacy of healing continues to live on. May you continue to rest in POWER.

Dr. Yvonne Patterson the media

As Seen&Heard:

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