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Therapy is an investment in your mental wellness, personal growth, and healing.

We understand that therapy is viewed much differently than other preventive care so payment is often a sticky subject for therapists and clients.

We aim to be able to serve our clients by accepting insurance, cash pay, limited sliding scale, and pro-bono options to make therapy accessible to as many as we can.

Prior to your appointment we verify your insurance coverage to give you a detailed summary of your coverage so nothing catches you by surprise. Keep in mind that these are estimates of your coverage and a clearer understanding of your coverage can be obtained directly from the insurance company or after we process your initial claim.

healing is an Investment in you....


Insurances Accepted

Illinois Medicaid: Blue Cross Blue Shield Community


We want you to be an informed consumer. Insurance is the video below to understand your insurance coverage. 

Understanding Insurance



If you are not insured or do not want to use your insurance, we have out of pocket payment options.

  • $150 individual therapy

  • $170 couples therapy

  • $190 for families ( up to 3 members )
    (additional $10 for every family member beyond 3 family members)


Good Faith Estimate 

In December 2020, Congress passed the No Surprises Act to reduce unexpected medical bills on patients.

According to The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Good Faith Estimates for Uninsured (or Self-pay) Individuals – Requirements for Providers and Facilities.

This calculator below will help you determine the total cost of your sessions with our out of pocket rates. You will also receive this information via email from our billing department.

For Example: 

Session rate $140  x 52 weeks = $7,250

(Total Cost of sessions for Weekly therapy for the year)

(this estimate is assuming you are in therapy weekly. It can shift and change depending treatment need and focus) 


Sliding Scale

We offer limited sliding scale services based on financial hardship and income verification with our licensed therapists. 

Our Intern therapists offer limited very low cost  pro-bono and low sliding scale appointments.


(if applicable and availability is determined)

Please be advised that availability with licensed therapists for sliding scale is very limited.

(Must provide income verification to be eligible for all sliding scale)

Your Payment


$100 per session Individual Therapy

$120 per session Couples and Family Therapy


$25 Per session Individual Therapy

$50 Per session Couples and Family Therapy 


No Show/ Late Cancellation

Dedication to the process of therapy will benefit you and those around you for years to come. Therapy is a financial investment and commitment to your holistic wellbeing. Our therapists are committed to your healing journey and prepare in advance for your sessions. 

In order to provide our therapy team with up to date and accurate schedules, we ask that you call or email at least 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel your appointment. This gives enough time to see another client or plan to use that time to care for themselves.

All appointments canceled within less than 24 hours are subject to a $100 no show late cancellation fee to ensure our therapist's time is valued.

We know things happen, so we provide our clients with a first time cancellation courtesy on us !

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