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Hillary Mirabal, LCSW
Clinical Team Lead

Trauma and EMDR

License # NV 8336-C, IL 149.025012

“Look back and be grateful, Look ahead and be hopeful, Look around and be helpful.”


My name is Hillary Mirabal, I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, with a Master's in Social Work, Management and Community Practice. I specialize in youth, adolescence and family therapy services using evidenced based treatment such as Family Behavioral Therapy, Trust Based Relational Interventions, EMDR and cognitive behavioral therapy treatments.


My practice in clinical social work continues to grow me as a professional, woman and human. I work to understand, build, and grow in clinical practice areas by researching, reading, training and continuing education with professionals in the workplace and within the field of clinical mental health services. 



Master of Social Work


Bachelors of Science: Kinesiology 


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