And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom

— Anais Nin

Holistic Wellness Services 



One on One session with your Holistic Wellness Influencer done virtually to create a Customized Plan for your holistic wellness


 Individual Psychotherapy Sessions geared to assist you in learning tools to manage anxiety, chronic stress, depression, and various other challenges. 


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Interested in peer consultation or clinical supervision ? Or maybe you need assistance in training and educating your behavioral health staff on cultural competency, health coaching, or self-care?

Amari D. Jackson, MA, LCPC, CIC



Welcome ! I am Amari  Jackson and I am a Holistic Wellness Influencer. I influence individuals using my training as a therapist and health coach to notice challenges that may be causing negative thought and behavior patterns and assist them into propelling into an abundant life.

My passion is helping people live their best lives by assisting them in the cultivation of healing mentally, physically, and emotionally through regular self-care practices.

There is a common misconception that these processes are separate, but human beings are a culmination of all these things and it is my belief that we should be healed holistically.

I hold a Master's degree from Northeastern Illinois University in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and I am Certified Intrinsic Coach with Intrinsic Coaching Solutions.


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