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....helping healers heal and develop skills to heal others.    

Boundless Healer University is the birth child of a private practice therapy and healing  professional consulting to help you hone and develop your skills as therapist and integrate complementary healing practices into your life and work as a healer. 

from the newest therapist to the aspiring private practice owner.....


we have something for everyone !

What you get: 

  • Complimentary Clinical Supervision towards licensure for your minimum of two years 

  • If fully licensed monthly complementary consultation 

  • Access to our library of resources to help you learn and grow as a clinician 

  • Pre-recorded trainings on how to navigate our systems

  • Credentialing support (Includes Assistance applying for an NPI, CAQH, and paneling you with insurance companies is fully licensed) If you leave before the two years you must reimburse us for all fees associated with credentialing 

  • Ability to build your caseload and learn to maintain client retention

  • Live Feedback on documentation and client sessions

  • Opportunity to use or in the future sublease space at one of the Growing Boundlessly offices to see clients. 

  • Professional Headshot (Can be taken with you upon departure, you will be responsible for reimbursement if you leave prior to one year

  • Guidance on how to market yourself as a therapist 

  • Quarterly checkins to monitor your progress 

  • Access to meetings with our tax accountants and book keepers to ensure you’re on track financially to support your own practice (must be with GB a minimum of two years )

  • Recommendations to choose the appropriate business structure to make sure you are legally protected 

  • Opportunity to learn how to integrate mindfulness, yoga, reiki healing, and complementary medicine in your practice with clients

  • Become a Level 1 Reiki Trained Healer

  • Monthly Meditation Group (Coming Soon) 

  • Ability to Lead/Co Lead a Group (must submit Group Proposal )

  • Ability to move through the levels as you obtain licensure and feel more comfortable

  • Access to CEU opportunities, resources and more…..

  • Clickable Documentation Templates for ease in completing notes and resources and help guides for documentation that meets medical necessity.

  • Slack Communication Platform 

  • Asana Task Management 

  • Discount codes for the software we use for you to use in the future if you decide to go it alone

Boundless Levels of Support

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